Curriculum Vitae


2017              Dr. rer. nat, the Graduate School of Neural Information Processing, International MaxPlanck Research School, University of Tübingen. (well-known institute for artificial intelligent system)

Test and develop a novel measurements method (reinforcement learning).
Toolbox development for real-time analysis of multidimensional signals.
In depth knowledge of advanced mathematical and statistical techniques for data analysis, like
bayesian machine learning/mixed model/cluster analysis of multidimensional data (R, Python and

2012              M.Eng, Mechatronics Engineering, University of Tehran.

▪ Modeling of complex dynamical systems to explain neuromechanic of motor activity (Hardware
and software implementation of 2 degree of freedom robotic arm with C).
▪ Number of projects in robotics, machine learning, advanced optimization, advanced mathematics
and real-time control system (Matlab, Simulink).


Academic and industrial Experiences

Since 2012       Data scientist and machine learning researcher.
Since 2013       Technical supervision at Universitätsklinikum Tübingen.
Since 2014       Supervision of undergraduate and post-graduate students.
Since 2015       Responsible for implementation of novel machine learning technique for the real-time
adaptive DBS.
2012-2015        Participation in the the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) project, KOGINAST:
Kortikal gesteuertes, integriertes Assistenzsysteme zur adaptiven Simulation für die
Wiederherstellung der Greiffunktion der Hand.
2010-2012        Lab supervision, Mechatronics laboratory.
2008-2012        Teaching AUTO (a software for continuation local and global bifurcation).